Road Map for May: Juniors

Good luck to everyone taking AP and IB exams! If you’re testing this week focus on that, but when the dust settles consider attending one of the college information sessions coming to DC this month (or see when they’ll be in your area).  Your college list doesn’t need to be final yet–you’ll generally want to see your final grades before that happens–but you should have a tentative list, or at least a list of schools you’re interested in.

Over the next few weeks you should continue to focus on your classes. You might want to start working on the Common Application and/or Coalition Application if you have time, but one thing you should be sure to do is contact the teachers you’ve chosen to ask for letters of recommendation.  You’ll want to make these requests before school ends to give them the option of writing your letter during the summer, when they have free time, and it’s especially important to ask early if you’ll be applying early action or early decision to any of your college choices.  Although your teachers will write primarily about your participation and performance in their classes, be prepared to provide other information that might help them write, such as a brag sheet or resume.

For more guidance on developing a college list, lining up recommendations, applications. college essays and other topics, contact me to schedule an appointment.