Road Map for May: Freshmen

We’re in the homestretch of this first year of high school, and it’s time for one last push for a strong finish. The most important thing colleges look at in the application process is your transcript, so do what you can to ace your finals and end the year with the best grades you can.

As you look to the summer, do you have a plan? Many of my students have a service requirement for graduation, and logging hours during the summer can take the pressure off during the school year when you have so many other obligations. Service is also a great way to meet people, give back, explore new interests or pursue your interests in a new way. For example, many students serve as counselors-in-training and get to share their passions—like theater, sports, art or the outdoors—with younger kids. Whatever you love doing, plan to spend some time doing it during the summer in a way that’s meaningful to you.