Road Map for March: Seniors

March can be stressful as many of you are on pins and needles anticipating your last round of admission offers.  The waiting can be hard but keep in mind that by the beginning of April you’ll have all your choices in hand and the ball will be in your court. Be ready to attend accepted student events, review financial aid awards (and appeal if necessary) and talk to people you trust to help make your decision by May 1.

Beyond that, keep working hard in your classes and make sure all of your ducks are in a row.  If you have community service to complete for graduation, get that done ASAP! Check here for volunteer opportunities for teens in the DC area.

Spring break also is coming up, followed by prom, graduation, and other milestones–the last game, show, or meeting of your high school activities.  It can be a whirlwind, so take the time to enjoy the fun of this last stretch of high school. If you’re local, Elizabeth Dranitzke at Photopia is my favorite choice for senior portraits, a great way to remember this exciting time.