Road Map for March: Freshmen

You’ve got half a school year under your belt, and I hope you’re having a great high school experience so far. Although summer may seem far away, now is actually the time to start planning. Will your summer include something academic, like knocking out a required class? If you’ve gotten involved in a new club or activity this year, is there an way to continue with that during the summer? You might also be looking for a job, internship or volunteer opportunity. Those might require a resume, and even if you don’t need one now, it’s a good thing to create and have available.  I recommend using a resume template to get a nice polished document without spending a lot of time on formatting. Your entries should include the title of the activity, sponsoring organization (if there is one), your dates of involvement, and a few bullets or sentences describing your participation. Most high school students, especially 9th graders, won’t need more than one page. Then you can update it periodically so it reflects all of your interests and experiences. And if you feel like you don’t have much to show, think about what you might do during the spring and summer to change that.