Road Map for June: Sophomores

Believe it or not, you’re halfway through high school! You probably found 10th grade to be more challenging than 9th in both the level of difficulty and the amount of work. You also probably found some things went better this year than they did the year before. Many students feel more comfortable and confident in 10th grade once they’re past the transition to high school.

You’ve also likely heard that 11th grade is a big year. Summer is a valuable opportunity to look ahead and make sure you’re well prepared. Think about your commitments: classes, sports, clubs and other activities, standardized testing, college visits, friends and family time. What will be your busiest time of year? What can you do now to be ready and keep from becoming overwhelmed?

Two big junior year items that have some flexibility are testing and college visits, and planning ahead can alleviate some of the stress of a busy year.  The SAT and ACT are given on multiple dates, so by mapping out your testing plan early you can fit your prep and exam schedule into your year in a manageable way.  Likewise, advance planning is essential to ensure your college visits are enjoyable and productive. Look at your school calendar and find dates that will be workable for you to go on college tours. (I’ve posted Google calendars on my website for several DC-Area school districts.)  While many students do the bulk of their visits in the spring, I recommend starting in the fall or even summer and spreading them out over the year. You can choose your destinations later but by blocking out time now you can work around parents’ work schedules and make sure you have enough time for school work and your other priorities.

For additional guidance on a testing plan or suggestions for campus visits, contact me to schedule an appointment.