Road Map for June: Seniors

Congratulations to all of you! As you close out your high school career I hope you take the many opportunities you’ll have to reflect on all you’ve accomplished. And don’t forget to take your opportunities to thank everyone who helped you along the way.

For those of you heading to college this fall, make sure your counselor knows which college needs to get your final report, and check out this list of to-do items. I also recommend using the summer months to check out what resources your school offers. Whether you are attending a large or small university, every campus offers a variety of services like academic advising, tutoring, mental health resources, and career planning. By exploring these supports before you arrive, you’ll be ready to take advantage of the tools that will help you succeed during the school year.

For those who are taking a gap year, review this planning guide or contact me if you need advice on how to make the most of your “year on.” And if you’d like to start college this fall but didn’t apply, or are just interested in additional options, check out this list of more than 500 campuses with space available in their incoming freshman classes. (I am available over the next few weeks to help with choosing schools and completing applications and essays, so email me at [email protected] for an appointment.)

This is my last message to the Class of 2019.  To those of you I’ve worked with directly, thank you so much for taking me along for the beginning of your college journey. I hope you’ll keep in touch in the coming years!