Road Map for June: Class of 2021

Congratulations on finishing your first year of high school! I hope your freshman year was successful and fun. As things wind down, take this opportunity to reflect on your year and your accomplishments.  Start a file on yourself, including your academic work such as report cards, projects or other examples of your work and any standardized testing, like the PSAT.  Also include extracurricular activities, service, hobbies, interest inventories or questionnaires you may have done, etc.  Choose a format that will be easy to access and update so that you can build on it and refer to it periodically throughout high school.

One great skill to work on this summer is networking.  Contact three adults you find interesting and ask them to meet for an informational interview sometime this summer.  You might choose someone whose work interests you, someone who is a leader in your community, or simply someone you’d like to get to know better.  Then prepare for the meeting by brainstorming about what you’d like to learn about this person.  This is an essential skill to develop for researching career paths and building a network of supporters who can offer guidance as you navigate through high school and beyond.  Check out these tips for requesting and preparing for a meeting.