Road Map for June: Class of 2021

Graduation season is such an exciting time, and I love hearing from students about their plans.  It’s also bittersweet as friends prepare to go their separate ways and parents adjust to the idea that their kids will soon be “grown and flown.” And after a year of 24/7 family time, leaving the nest will be an even bigger change than it usually is! I know you’re ready though, Class of ’21. You’ve faced unique challenges, and you’ve shown unique strength and an ability to handle whatever comes your way.  As you navigate this exciting stage and get ready for college, here’s my advice for families making the transition. (You’ll have to scroll down for it.)

On the practical side, check your email (and spam folder) regularly for information from your college about housing, registration, financial aid, orientation and other topics.  You should also be aware that most schools are encouraging students to get COVID vaccines, and some will be requiring them.  These policies may change between now and the beginning of the fall semester, so keep an eye out for announcements you may need to be aware of. Here are a couple more summer to-do lists for students leaving home.

I hope you’re thrilled to embark on whatever journey you have planned next. If your current path doesn’t seem like quite the right one, however, I hope you’ll contact me.  Whether it’s a new application for Fall 2021 enrollment, thinking about future transfer applications, or gap year planning, I want to help you figure out and fulfill your goals.

This is my last message to the Class of 2021.  I’m grateful for the opportunities I’ve had to get to know many of you and I join you and your families in celebrating your graduation and your future.  You have much to be proud of, and I wish all of you the very best.