Road Map for June: Class of 2020

With the school year wrapping up, take some time to reflect on how your year went and what you accomplished.  This is the perfect time to update your file on yourself while your classes and activities are fresh in your mind.  Whether you choose to just make some notes or you’re using a more structured format like a resume, you’ll be able to refer to it down the road for college planning and applications.

As you plan for standardized testing, the new SAT-ACT concordance tables are now available.  By comparing your practice test scores, you can make an informed choice about which exam is best for you. While you can use your PSAT score for comparison, you might want to consider taking diagnostic tests and perhaps doing some test prep if you have free time this summer.  Regardless of your timeline, don’t sit for both the SAT and the ACT.  Instead, figure out which test will allow you to play to your strengths and focus your efforts on just that one.  Need more guidance on your testing plan? Contact me to schedule an appointment.