Road Map for August: Class of 2024

Welcome to high school! Your top priority for 9th grade is to lay the foundation for a successful high school experience. While remote or hybrid learning is a strange way to begin your high school career and presents unique challenges, you can position yourself for a strong start by getting a handle on the skills that will help you succeed. These include getting and staying organized, minimizing distractions, and being fully engaged in learning.

The transition to high school is always an adjustment, but understanding the new expectations can help.  It’s particularly important this year to be clear on what your assignments are, when they’re due and how you’ll submit them, attendance policies, etc.  It may seem boring, but these kinds of “nuts and bolts” topics may be covered in your student handbook, which will probably be updated for remote learning.  Read it!  Then be prepared to communicate with your parents and teachers about how things are going and ask for help when you need it.