Road Map for July: Class of 2022

When you think about what you’d like to get out of your high school experience, use the summer to get to know yourself better.  What were your strong subjects last year? Are they the ones you enjoyed the most? When you think about the subjects you like, can you define what makes them interesting to you? What did you enjoy doing outside of class? Thinking about your interests will help you identify what you should be looking for as you start visiting colleges, which I recommend students start doing by 10th grade.

If you haven’t done any visits yet, consider working one or more into your summer travel plans, or scheduling one near home at the end of the summer before school starts.  Check the college’s academic calendar to see when students are back on campus, then book your tour online through the admissions department’s website. You might even be able to arrange to sit in on a class; call the admissions office or a department you’re interested in and ask if a visit is possible for the date you’ll be there.

For additional guidance on campus visits or other college planning topics, contact me to schedule an appointment.