Road Map for July: Class of 2020

Junior year is the big year for standardized testing and now is the time to plan ahead.  A number of schools have recently changed their testing requirements, so start reviewing policies for schools you’re interested in.  Highly selective schools are the most likely to require or recommend exams beyond the SAT and ACT, such as SAT Subject Tests.  If you need to take these, you’ll want to map out your requirements so you can plan around them, since not all Subject Tests are given on each SAT test date.

Most students also do the bulk of their college visits in 11th grade.  I recommend that students plan ahead for these as well, and spread them out over the year.  Look at your school calendar and find dates that you’ll be able to travel, then hold those dates and fill in the locations later.  Your visits will be more productive if they’re not rushed, and you have time to reflect.