Road Map for January: Sophomores

Did you get some R & R over winter break? I hope you had an opportunity to reflect on 2017 and think about what you want out of 2018.  There are things you can do this year to lay the groundwork for a successful and less stressful college search and application process down the road.  For example, take your first college tour!  Click here for a list of upcoming open house events at colleges in the mid-Atlantic region.

You can also get an early read on the standardized testing you’ll do next year.  Many high schools will be offering the PSAT 10 or PreACT to 10th graders in the coming months.  Check with your guidance office to see if you’ll have the chance to take one of these exams.  They can help you identify strengths and weaknesses and plan accordingly.  (If you took the PSAT in October, you’re ahead of the game; the PSAT 10 is the same test, it’s just given at a different time of year.)

Finally, Class of 2020 parents should be aware that 2018 is the tax year that will be considered in your student’s financial aid applications for the first year of college (assuming he or she doesn’t take a gap year.)  That and the new tax law make it a good idea to consult your financial advisor to determine how decisions you make this year might affect your plans for financing higher education.