Road Map for January: Sophomores

At this cold, dark time of year it can be hard to think about summer, but this is actually a great time to start planning.  Summer schedules are starting to become available for academic and athletic programs as well as camps. If you’re planning to get a job, get familiar with any paperwork you’ll need to do and qualifications you’ll need to have, such as trainings or certifications. If you’re interested in volunteering this summer, this weekend’s MLK Day of Service is an opportunity to learn more about an organization you might be able to get involved with.

In the meantime, the priority for college planning is to get good grades. In addition, you’ll be choosing your junior year courses soon and colleges like to see students taking rigorous classes. Aim for a course load that will be challenging but not overwhelming. Keep in mind also that though academics are the most important category colleges consider in admissions. they’re interested in lots of other characteristics of their applicants as well.