Road Map for January: Sophomores

I hope you had a great break with family and friends and time for both fun and rest. As you gear back up for the new year, set some goals for yourself. Choose goals you can measure and include a time frame in your planning so you have a built-in way to hold yourself accountable. For more expert advice to improve your chances of success, click here.  And if you have academic goals that would be supported by improving your study skills, check out this event on February 9 on Capitol Hill.

Graduation may seem a long way off, but if you have community service requirements 10th grade is a perfect time to work on them. Your 11th and 12th grade years will only get busier and it will be harder to add new activities to your schedule. Volunteering also has lots of benefits in addition to knocking a to-do item off your list. For students, service offers invaluable opportunities to explore your interests and get exposure to possible career fields. For example, aspiring teachers can work with kids, and future environmental scientists might plant trees.  The upcoming MLK Day of Service offers a range of events you can participate in to gain an understanding of a local organization that you can serve with throughout the year.