Road Map for January: Sophomores

Did you make resolutions or set goals for 2019? One technique is to imagine yourself at the end of the year and what you’d like to be able to say you’ve done. Then come up with a plan to make those things happen.  You can also do this based on a school year, quarter, month, or any other period of time that makes sense for you.

Reflecting on the last year is a good way to approach goal-setting for the next one, and as you think about your achievements you should also be recording them.  Make a quick list of your activities including clubs, sports, volunteering, work, etc. Then put together a short description of your involvement and any highlights, such as awards or major projects you’ve completed. Guess what? You’ve just drafted a resume to use to look for a job, internship or service opportunity this summer, and to start the activities section of the Common Application and Coalition Application when you’re ready. You can also do the reverse, putting your activities directly into an application portal and then using that list as the basis for a resume.