Road Map for January: Seniors

January 20 Class of ’23, this is your year! Congratulations to all of you who have started to get good news. Even if you haven’t received the admission offers you’re hoping for yet, I know most of you are sending off your last applications. Of course waiting for decisions can be hard, but I know it feels good to be done! Be sure to check each college’s portal to make sure all of your materials have been received and processed, including transcripts, recommendations, and financial aid forms. Also remember that it can take days or even weeks for documents to be logged in after they’ve been submitted. If anything appears to be missing contact the college first, then circle back with your teachers and counselor if necessary.

If you were deferred from a college in the early round, think about what you’ve done since you submitted your application. It’s usually appropriate—and a good idea—to send updates to your admissions representative with any new information on your academics and activities. And if a school is your top choice be sure to let them know that, since colleges generally would rather admit a student who is likely to enroll.

If you’re considering a gap year, this is the time to start planning it! A great way to start is by attending one of the USA Gap Year Fairs in the next weeks. At these events you can learn about a variety of programs and talk with program staff about how you can make the most of your “year on.” Claster Educational Services also offers expert gap year advising, so if you need guidance on your plan, I hope you’ll get in touch.