Road Map for January: Seniors

Congratulations are in order for so many of you! I’m talking to students who have been getting good news about their ED and EA applications, as well as students who have finished their regular decision submissions. I’m so excited for all of you as you move into the next phase of your college journey.As far as to-dos for January, ED admits need to update your school counselor on your decision and withdraw any other applications that are pending. Before you do this, however, be sure that the financial aid offer will work for you. (If it doesn’t, check out these articles and contact me if you need support with an appeal.)
For students who received offers in the Early Action round, these are not binding so you have until May 1 to make your decision, by which time you should have heard from all of your regular decision schools as well. Some of the larger schools take a bit longer to process the volume of applications they receive and send out their early round decisions, and I know a lot of students who are still waiting on these. If this is you, hang in there!For students who have been deferred in the early round, think about what you might send as an update to admissions staff. Your school counselor will send a midyear report with your recent grades to any school where you have an application pending, so you don’t have to provide that information, but many colleges will accept an additional recommendation. Most will also welcome an update on your recent achievements and an expression of your continued interest, especially if you are clear that the school is your first choice and that you will enroll if admitted. (Of course you should only say this if it’s true.)
Students finishing the Regular Decision application round should remember to check all of your portals to make sure that your applications are complete, including financial aid materials. Also be sure to update and thank your school counselor and other recommenders who have supported you throughout this process.
And then we wait. This can be stressful, but try to enjoy having the bulk of the work off your plate. You’ve worked hard and I hope good news will be coming soon.
I also want to remind you that your spring semester should continue to be as successful as your high school career overall, to avoid the rare but possible revocation of an offer of admission. And finally, I wanted to share this great checklist from Grown & Flown for students heading to college, which you can get started on over the next few months.