Road Map for January: Seniors

Congratulations to those of you who have received good news on Early Decision applications. Since these are binding agreements, you have a relatively short to do list:

  • Let your recommenders know you’ve been admitted and thank them!
  • Withdraw all other applications you have submitted.
  • Update your school counselor so he or she can submit your midyear and final reports on schedule.
  • Keep an eye out for email from your campus and read it carefully.  Check your spam folder regularly so you don’t miss any important information.
  • Complete any forms, including financial aid materials, that your school requires.
  • Keep your grades up! Your admission is contingent on maintaining your level of academic performance.

Other students are finishing their last applications or are done and waiting on decisions. Except for withdrawing applications, the list above applies to you too.  If you’ve been deferred from a top choice, you can also contact the admission office and update them with any significant new information that might boost your application.  For additional strategies, contact me to schedule an appointment.

Students planning or considering a gap year should attend the upcoming USA Gap Year Fair in your area.  For one-on-one guidance, our gap year specialist Scott Leroy can help you make the most of your “year on” before, during and after the experience.  Click here to learn more about Scott, and contact us for a consultation to discuss gap year options and how a gap year can fit into your college plan.