Road Map for January: Juniors

Last month I recommended that juniors research colleges online by checking out the Student Life or Campus Life sections of schools’ websites. This information, along with what you learn from the Academics pages, can give you a sense of whether a particular college might be worth researching further, and the next step would be to review the Admissions section.  Here you can find virtual tours and info sessions to give you more background on the college as well as information about the school’s application process.  It’s also where you can register for in-person campus tours. I always recommend that students visit colleges on professional development or administrative days that they have off, and of course spring break is another great opportunity to travel to campuses. If you’re planning visits over spring break, I suggest you book them now because tours during these peak weeks can fill up quickly.

Juniors are now also in the thick of test prep. If you’re planning to take the February ACT, you’ll need to register by January 22. For later test dates you have some more time, but it’s a good idea to register to make sure you get your preferred test site. And if you don’t have a plan in place for prep and for completing your testing by the end of the summer, I suggest finalizing that as well to make sure testing is off your plate when you are busy in the fall with applications and essays.