Road Map for January: Freshmen

As we approach the halfway point in the school year I’m asking my students to reflect on how high school is going so far. You’ll be choosing your 10th grade courses soon, so think about which subjects you’re enjoying and doing well in, and what you might want to take next year. The first half of high school is a time to explore your academic interests and develop new ones, as well as interests outside of the classroom. I don’t push students to choose a specific major before they apply to college, but you might be finding that you like studying certain kinds of things, like STEM subjects, history, or the arts, and want to learn more.  You might also be noticing how you learn best, and what conditions enable you to be successful in your classes. Understanding these things can offer insight into what you can do now to make the most of your high school experience, such as taking advantage of hands-on learning opportunities, meeting one-on-one with teachers or studying with other students.