Road Map for January: Freshmen

I always say ninth grade is a time to settle in, explore and lay the foundation for a successful high school experience. What does “a successful high school experience” mean for you? In this season of resolutions, what goals might you set for yourself? They don’t have to be for all of 2020—maybe just the current school year, grading period, or even just January.  Register for this workshop on study skills to take a first step toward your academic goals, and include hobbies and personal priorities in the list as well.  Do you want to read more, learn a new skill, explore a new activity or meet new people?

Believe it or not, it’s also time to start thinking about summer plans.  Will you be playing sports, going to camp or traveling with family? How about working or volunteering? The MLK Day of Service is coming up on January 20.  Participating in an MLK Day event can introduce you to an organization that supports a cause you care about, and give you the chance to learn about the work they do and how you can be part of it all year.