Road Map for February: Seniors

As the last college applications are getting submitted, the high school semester is wrapping up. This means your school counselor is sending out your midyear report with your senior year grades to date. This report will go to any college where your application is still pending as well as those you’ve been admitted to.  Your role here is to keep an eye on each college’s portal to make sure they’ve received and processed it (if it’s required) and if not, to follow up.  There will also be a final report at the end of the year that goes to the college where you decide to enroll, and any schools where you’re waitlisted. Be sure to keep your grades up this semester so that report doesn’t raise any red flags.

If you’ve been offered admission to any colleges where you haven’t made an Early Decision commitment, this is the time when the tables are turned. When you applied, you were hoping they’d accept you; now that they have, they’re hoping you’ll enroll. You’ll be receiving invitations to admitted student events, which I recommend you attend. They can be a great opportunity to find out what you need to know about each school to make your final decision by May 1.

DC students who are applying to public universities or Historically Black Colleges and Universities (HBCUs) can also complete the DC TAG application now. Be aware that this program requires your family’s 2021 taxes. Most people haven’t done them yet, but parents should make sure to do them on time and then share them with OSSE when they’re completed.