Road Map for February: Seniors

Admissions staff are hard at work reviewing files in committee meetings and in many cases your mid-year report will be the last piece of information added to your file before a decision is made.  Check your application status on the Common App and each school’s admissions portal to make sure your mid-year report has been processed, and check with the college and your school counselor if you have any concerns.  Be aware, however, that colleges can take a few days or even weeks to process documents as they come in, so if something is not showing up, that doesn’t mean your counselor hasn’t submitted it.

Once you’ve confirmed that your file is up-to-date, check out this article on other to-do items for seniors.  One important item on this list is to ensure your financial aid forms are complete.  If you’ve started getting acceptances and have gotten less generous aid offers than you were expecting, read this article on how to appeal a financial aid award.

Speaking of finances, did you write a college essay on a money-related topic? The New York Times would like to read it.  Submit it to “Your Money” columnist Ron Lieber for the chance to have it published.

Finally, a number of my students attended the USA Gap Year Fairs in our area last week.  If you’re looking for additional guidance on planning your gap year, our experts can help. Contact us for an appointment to discuss your goals, choosing programs, and fitting a gap year into your college plan.