Road Map for February: Freshmen

As first semester grades come in, take stock. Are you pleased with your academic performance so far? If there’s room for improvement, create a strategy for yourself.  Start by figuring out where your strengths and weaknesses are.  For example, are you good at planning for long-term projects, but need to work on following through? Or maybe you need help planning but once you know what steps to take, you make them happen. Focus on tasks you can do, or better yet, positive habits you can develop that will help you in whatever areas you need to strengthen.  Most importantly, ask your parents or teachers for help if you need it.

The weather is cold and the days are short, but it’s time to think about summer.  How can you make the most of that free time to explore something new or get more deeply involved in something you are enjoying now?  Are you taking interesting classes? Have you joined any clubs or teams this year? It doesn’t have to be school-related, or even an organized activity.  Think about how you like spending your time and consider ways your hobbies and interests can offer new experiences.  You never know where it might lead.

Also, check out this article on what freshman can do now to prepare for college down the road.  It’s still early for you to be making college plans but knowing what to expect can help reduce stress later.