Road Map for February: Freshmen

I was pleased to be mentioned in this article on the transition to high school, especially since the reference is about my favorite piece of advice for ninth graders: that your primary goal this year should be to lay the foundation for a successful high school experience. So what does this mean? It includes getting on track academically by taking a challenging but manageable courseload, developing your study skills, and adjusting to the routines and expectations of high school. It also includes exploring your interests and getting involved in sports, clubs, visual and performing arts, or whatever activities you find appealing. Try out a variety of things now, with the expectation that you’ll figure out what you enjoy and care about the most as you go through these four years. These are things that will enrich your time in high school and might ultimately lead you to what you want to study in college, as well as sparking new friendships based on shared interests.