Road Map for December: Sophomores

In a typical year, many 10th graders would have taken the PSAT in October and gotten scores last week.  This is just baseline diagnostic information to file away for future planning, so the fact that most students don’t have it is not a problem. However, some students are wondering what the future of testing might look like and what they should expect over the next year. If that sounds like you, I hope you’ll register for Standardized Testing for the Class of 2022 and Beyond on December 14.  Jen Dillon from AdeptPrep tutoring will join me in a discussion of the SAT, ACT and how to plan for future testing.

My other advice this month is for parents, on the topic of financial aid. When your Class of 2023 student is applying to college in the fall of 2022, you’ll be filling out financial aid forms (the FAFSA and, for some colleges, the CSS Profile) and reporting your 2021 income.  If you think there might be changes you should make before the beginning of that “base year,” check in now with your financial advisor.