Road Map for December: Seniors

Many of you are in the home stretch of your application process. As you put finishing touches on applications and submit them, be sure to arrange for test scores to be sent if necessary. (To see a list of schools that will accept self-reported scores, click here.) Keep in touch with your school counselor and recommenders to make sure your documents were submitted to your schools. And if they’ve already completed their parts of your applications, be sure to thank them!

Lots of schools’ deadlines are in January and February and even later, so if you’re not wrapping up yet, there’s still time. For guidance on developing strong applications, contact me for an appointment.

Once college applications are in, some seniors start turning their attention to gap year planning.  If you’re considering this option, the USA Gap Year Fairs will be starting in the new year in New York, New Jersey and Philadelphia, and will be heading to the DC area in February.  These events are a fabulous way to learn about a variety of opportunities and talk to program staff about what kind of experience you want to have during your “year on.”