Road Map for December: Juniors

Last month I recommended researching majors and academic programs on colleges’ websites as you explore schools that might be a good fit for you. Another important aspect of fit is campus life, which you can also learn about online. Most colleges have a “campus life,” “student life” or “life at —” section on their websites where you can learn about things like housing, dining, clubs, athletics, health services, disability services, career services, and everything else that doesn’t involve studying. As you explore and evaluate the activities and culture of each campus, it’s a good idea to take notes as you think about which schools might be worth visiting and ultimately applying to.

I hope you’ve settled on a testing plan, which includes choosing between the SAT and ACT, and deciding on your first test date. For most students I recommend a first exam in February, March or April. This means many students are lining up their test prep, whether than means enrolling in a class or mapping out a schedule for a self-paced study plan. If you’re still finalizing your plans you can view the recording of my December 3 webinar, This Is Only a Test, and get my advice for using practice tests to choose your exam and create your testing calendar.