Road Map for December: Freshmen

With winter break and the new year coming up, it’s a perfect time for reflection on your high school experience so far. What opportunities have you been taking advantage of? Did you participate in sports or extracurricular activities this fall? The first half of high school is a time to explore your interests and perhaps develop new ones.  If you’re not finding something inspiring at school, consider some community service.  You probably need service hours to graduate, and volunteering is an excellent way to contribute to a cause you care about while meeting new people and learning new skills. Click here for a list of opportunities for teens in the DC area.

If you’ll be making resolutions for 2020, prepare now by thinking through your goals and your plan for achieving them.  The best goals are measurable and realistic, and have a time frame for completion. Click here and here for more advice on how to set yourself up for success.