Road Map for December: Freshmen

My priority for freshmen is always to lay the foundation for a successful high school experience. How is high school going so far? As you look back on 2018 and ahead to 2019, what do you hope to achieve in the new year?  Think about the steps you’ll need to take, and use those to plan out monthly or quarterly goals as well.

If you’re finding time management challenging, try tracking your time for a week to see where the hours go—you might be surprised.  (You can use an app, a spreadsheet, or a template like this one.) Once you know what you’re really spending your time on, you can decide if it’s in line with your goals and values and if not, make adjustments.  And if you’re interested in getting “Better Grades in Less Time,” register for Smith Rivas’s study skills class on January 27 at the Hill Center.