Road Map for August: Seniors

OK class of 2024, it’s go time! The Common App is open for you to complete, polish and start submitting whenever you’re ready. Individual colleges have been adding their questions and for the most part I’m seeing them ready to go as well.

You can also officially request your letters of recommendation by whatever process your high school prefers. If your school uses Naviance, you will need to match your Common App account with that system.  Then you can invite your school counselor and teachers. (If your high school uses another system, like SCOIR or MaiaLearning, check with your counselor about recommendation policies.) Any recommenders from outside of your school, such as a coach, employer, or mentor, can be invited through the Common App in the “Recommenders and FERPA” section of a college that accepts them. Once you’ve invited a recommender, their letter will be available to submit to additional colleges.

I hope you’re all feeling good about how your applications are coming along, but if you need guidance I have a Common App workshop scheduled on August 16 and a college essay workshop on August 23.  You can register here for those, or contact me for additional options.