Road Map for August: Juniors

As the school year approaches, there are two things I hope you can fit in before the end of summer. First, if you haven’t done any college visits yet, try to see at least a couple in these last few weeks of break. Colleges are likely to be back in session before your high school is, and this can be a great time to see campuses in full swing. And second, if you haven’t taken a practice SAT and ACT, do that before school starts so you can develop your testing plan for the year. (For more on this, watch This Is Only A Test: Standardized Testing for the Class of 2025.)

Other than those to-dos, just use this time to set yourself up for a great year. That might mean finishing summer reading and assignments, starting workouts for fall sports, and easing yourself back into a school-year sleep schedule. It’s also worth thinking about any challenges you might have had last year and developing strategies to make things work better this year.