Road Map for August: Class of 2024

I hope you’ve been having a fun, relaxing summer. It’s so important to take a real break so you can return to school with fresh energy. So why is this the perfect time to get started with college planning?  Because there are things you can do now to make the coming year more manageable.

One of the biggest reasons students find the college process so daunting is the addition of new obligations to schedules that are already full with academics and activities.  Getting some of these upcoming tasks out of the way now can help keep things from getting overwhelming later. My top three to-dos for rising juniors to complete before the end of summer are:

  1. Create a testing plan that plays to your strengths and times your exams and prep around your other commitments.
  2. Do at least one or two college tours and use what you learn to identify some initial criteria for your college list.
  3. Identify dates throughout the school year when you can do more campus visits, ideally on days you don’t have to miss school but colleges are in session. Professional development and administrative days are perfect for this.

Using some of these last summer weeks and planning ahead for the fall will make the dreaded junior year easier and set you up for a less stressful application process. And as always, I’m available for individual advising, so please contact me if I can be helpful at this exciting time!