Road Map for August: Class of 2023

The Common App is officially open for the new cycle, and it’s time for a few to-do items. First, if you were already working on your application before the transition, log in to answer the questions and read the notifications about the rollover. This includes choosing to keep some or all of the colleges in your list.  Then review the information you had previously entered in the “Common App” tab. There are no major changes but a few questions have been updated, so just make sure everything is reading the way you want it to.

If you had completed the FERPA waiver before the rollover you will need to do this again, as well as re-add any advisors you may have given access to view your application. Now that the application is live you can also add teachers as recommenders, UNLESS your school wants you to do this in Naviance or another system they use.  You can add non-teacher recommenders (coaches, bosses, volunteer supervisors, etc.) as well in the “Other Recommender” slot some colleges have. Remember that you will only have to invite recommenders once in the section for any college, and then assign their letters to the other colleges you want them sent to.

You can also start answering college-specific questions now in the “My Colleges” section. Many of these are very basic questions, like when you plan to start college, whether you want to live on campus or apply for financial aid, and what majors you’re interested in.  You’ll also see the colleges’ supplemental essays for the new cycle, so it’s time to start working on those as well.  Remember, the more work you do now, the less stressful your fall will be! For help with any part of your application process, I hope you’ll register for my last round of summer workshops or get in touch with me about working one-on-one.