Road Map for August: Class of 2022

I hope you’ve been having a wonderful, restorative summer! While there’s still some time left to enjoy, school is around the corner.  The Common App is now open for the Class of ’22 and I hope you’re taking advantage of your remaining out-of-school time to get some of your application work out of the way. I still have space in the remaining summer application and essay workshops to help you get a jump on things before school starts and you get busy again.

Typically the fall workload for a rising senior includes applications, essays, following up on transcripts and recommendations, a last round of pre-deadline campus visits and possibly some standardized testing. Of course we are still recovering from the mess of our COVID year, and I’m seeing a lot of variation among students. The best thing you can do for your college planning is to map out what needs to be done and when so you don’t find yourself bumping up against deadlines. For support on any of your college to-dos, please do not hesitate to contact me.