Road Map for August: Class of 2021

As you enjoy the end of your summer break and prepare for the school year, reflect on last year and how you can build on it.  What classes and activities did you enjoy and find interesting and fulfilling?  Did you do anything this summer that sparked a new interest?  Think of ways you can continue to grow in those areas when school starts.

Your coursework will likely be more challenging this year, and you may have opportunities to step it up in some of your activities.  If this means you have a time crunch, it may make sense to give something up so you can prioritize the things that are most important to you.  Don’t worry that this will “look bad” on college applications; in fact, colleges would rather see deeper commitment to a few pursuits than a longer list of activities where you’re just checking the box.  For more about what colleges are looking for, check out my article in this month’s Hill Rag, in the special section on education.