Road Map for April: Sophomores

Standardized testing continues to be a hot topic in college admissions, with questions about the test-optional movement at the top of the list. Another development that particularly impacts the Class of 2025 is the coming release of the digital SAT. The SAT will be given on paper until December 2023 and the digital version will replace it starting in March 2024. I’m updating my usual advice, but one recommendation that I always make is to choose your test (SAT or ACT) and create a testing plan, and to consider doing so at the end of 10th grade. Current sophomores will also want to consider whether the paper-to-digital transition impacts their exam choice and the timing of their testing and prep.  To help you through these decisions, I’m offering a free webinar on May 21. In This Is Only a Test: Standardized Testing for the Class of 2025, I’ll walk students through some of the differences among the paper SAT, digital SAT and ACT and how to decide which one will be best for you. We’ll also discuss options for your testing calendar, how to make your test prep plan, and what role scores will play as you head into the admissions process. I hope you’ll join me.