Road Map for April: Sophomores

Now that in-person college visits are widely available again, I’ve been taking the opportunity to see some of our local campuses in the DC area. Local visits are a great way for you to start your college exploration as well.  I recommend that students see at least a couple of campuses by the end of 10th grade, but you’re not building your college list just yet. Instead, the goal initially is to see what’s out there and what appeals to you. Big school or small school? A campus in the center of a city or something a bit more removed? Try to see a few different kinds of schools that are nearby, and keep your frequent flyer miles for later.

While an in-person visit is best way to get a feel for a campus’s vibe, you can learn a lot online as well. Check out these tips for visits and start by visiting the academics, student life, and admissions sections of the college’s website. Do any virtual tours or information sessions that are offered. and note that some virtual opportunities may be very similar to in-person ones. For example, an information session will likely contain the same content, delivered by an admissions staff member, whether you’re in a conference room or on Zoom. Sometimes these are on-demand videos that you can watch anytime, but there are advantages to attending live virtual events.  You can ask questions and interact with the presenters, and if you register for an event you are demonstrating your interest in the college in question, which can work to your advantage in admissions later.For more about how to prepare for your college search and what to expect as you approach your junior year, I hope you’ll register for my webinar this Sunday, College Admissions: A Road Map for 9th and 10th Grade Students, or contact me if you’re interested in individual advising.