Road Map for April: Sophomores

Despite all the changes we’ve been through this year, my to-do list for 10th graders hasn’t changed much. Your grades are always the priority in college planning, and in that respect this year is no different. In this final stretch of this long year, it may be hard to stay motivated but if you’re able, see if you can make one last push to finish strong.   Having both a last grading period and your finals in this window means you can still make a significant impact on your GPA.

There are also a few virtual college fairs to take advantage of over the next few weeks. To prepare for these sessions you might want to do some research ahead of time on schools you’re interested in and come prepared to live events with questions for the admissions representatives. Or, if you’re just starting to explore, take notes in these sessions and start compiling a list of criteria that you’ll be looking for as your college search continues over the next year.