Road Map for April: Seniors

The results are in, and congratulations are in order on all of your offers of admission.  I hope you have several choices that you’re excited about as you make your decision over the next few weeks.  In addition to the advice in this article on making your choice, keep in mind a few things:

  • You can only make a deposit at one college.
  • You can make an appeal for additional financial aid.
  • Your admission is contingent on finishing the year successfully, and your school counselor will send your final report to the one college where you enroll, along with any schools at which you’re waitlisted.
  • You can send additional information to schools where you’re on the waitlist to boost your candidacy; however, many colleges make very few offers to waitlisted students.  Most students should focus on the admission offers they have in hand rather than hoping something else comes through.
  • Gap year candidates should make sure to understand their college’s policies and requirements for deferring admission, including how financial aid may be affected.

Speaking of gap years, the Gap Year Association just updated its planning guide.  If you’re considering a “year on” before you start college, use this tool to define your goals for the year and detail the opportunities you have to work toward them.  Or contact us for an appointment with our gap year experts.