Road Map for April: Juniors

Spring is finally here and it’s a very busy time for juniors. You may have AP and IB exams, SATs and ACTs, and spring break college visits all in the next few weeks, along with you regular schoolwork and activities.  If it feels overwhelming, your first step is to prioritize. Which activities are most important to focus on now?  Then prepare; this study skills class can help you work more efficiently, leading to both a better process and better outcomes.  Through all of this, make sure to take care of yourself by managing stress as well as you can and asking for help if you need it.

Have you been meeting with college representatives this spring? Whether they take place on campus, at college fairs or at your high school, these meetings are excellent opportunities to learn about specific campuses and programs and connect directly with the recruiters for your area.  After these meetings you may want to follow up with an email if you have unanswered questions, or to let the representative know of your continued interest in their campus.  Also, be sure to take notes about your tours and meetings that you can refer to when you’re writing application essays for particular schools.

Your college list may be taking shape now, especially if you have scores from the February ACT or March SAT.  These scores can help you figure out how strong a candidate you might be for a particular college, while keeping in mind that you have several opportunities to retake exams if you want to improve your scores.  Remember too that test scores are just one piece in the decision process, and that more and more colleges are introducing test-optional admission policies.  In just the last few weeks the University of Denver and University of San Francisco have dropped their SAT/ACT requirements; see the full list of test-optional schools here.

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