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  • Road Map for February: Seniors

    Admissions staff are hard at work reviewing files in committee meetings and in many cases your mid-year report will be the last piece of information added to your file before a decision is made.  Check your application status on the Common App and each school’s admissions portal to make sure your mid-year report has been […]

  • Road Map for February: Juniors

    As always, your first priority on your college to-do list is doing well in your classes.  However, juniors are getting busier with test prep and college visits on top of coursework and extracurricular activities.  Be sure to make time for things like sleep, exercise and time with friends and family, to keep you going through this […]

  • Road Map for February: Sophomores

    For all of you student athletes, do you plan to play your sport in college? At what level?  Students interested in playing varsity sports should become familiar with the NCAA’s eligibility and recruiting rules, and sophomores can register now with the NCAA Eligibility Center.   Talk to your coach about your skill level and atheletic goals, and carefully […]

  • Road Map for February: Freshmen

    The next school year may seem far away but you’ll be choosing your 10th grade classes soon.  You probably know that colleges are looking for good grades but they are also interested in students taking a rigorous curriculum.  My rule of thumb is to take courses that are challenging but not overwhelming.  In addition to […]

  • Road Map for January: Seniors

    Congratulations to those of you who have received good news on Early Decision applications. Since these are binding agreements, you have a relatively short to do list: Let your recommenders know you’ve been admitted and thank them! Withdraw all other applications you have submitted. Update your school counselor so he or she can submit your […]

  • Road Map for January: Juniors

    Many people use the new year as an opportunity to take stock and set goals. As you’re doing this, start making your record of accomplishment a bit more formalized.  You can start an account in the Common Application and the Coalition Application anytime and start filling in your information.  The Common App for the Class […]

  • Road Map for December: Seniors

    You’re probably in the homestretch on your applications, and might be looking forward to a lighter workload in the spring semester. You’ve earned that, but don’t let everything drop.  Your midyear report will go to colleges soon and a final report will be sent as well, so make sure you maintain your academic record.  In […]

  • Road Map for December: Juniors

    PSAT scores will be released next week and as students gear up for standardized tests, I’m pleased to be partnering with AdeptPrep Tutoring to offer Plan Ahead for Success! College Admission Testing for the Class of 2020. This free information session takes place Saturday, December 15 at the Cleveland Park Library and will help students choose the right exams, […]