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  • Road Map for November: Seniors

    To those of you who have submitted Early Decision and Early Action applications, congratulations!  I know it feels good to have some of your schools checked off. Each college will have its own portal where you can check your application status. Keep an eye out for an email telling you how to log in and […]

  • Road Map for November: Juniors

    I hope you’ve been having a great fall, with interesting classes and fun activities.  I’m hearing from a lot of juniors whose workloads are increasing.  If you’re looking for effective ways to manage stress, check out AdeptPrep’s meditation exercises, weekly drop-in program and other resources. Your PSAT scores will be coming in December. (Click here […]

  • Road Map for November: Sophomores

    If you haven’t registered yet, there’s still space available for College Admissions: A Road Map for 9th and 10th Graders next week.  This event on Thursday at 6:30pm at the Hill Center will give you tips for starting your college search, insight on what colleges are looking for and how you can develop those qualifications, a preview […]

  • Road Map for November: Freshmen

    If you’re in the DC area, I hope you’ll join me for my talk on college admissions next week (Thursday, November 15) at the Hill Center.  We’ll discuss what to think about as you look ahead toward college exploration, and things you can do now to be prepared. I hope your classes are going well and you’ve […]

  • Special Offer: Class of ’20 Testing Plan

    Claster Educational Services is currently offering a special on standardized testing plans.  Students will take a practice ACT (provided) and we will use PSAT scores (arriving in December) to recommend which of these exams the student should take, as well as any additional exams that might be necessary based on the student’s college plans.  We […]

  • Road Map for October: Seniors

    Best of luck to those of you taking the SAT this week at DC public and charter schools.  Before you send your scores, check Compass Prep’s list of colleges that accept self-reported test scores.  Don’t pay for official score reports if they’re not required! The FAFSA and CSS Profile are now available, so work with your parents […]

  • Road Map for October: Juniors

    The big event for juniors in October is the PSAT.  Although this exam qualifies Class of 2020 students for the National Merit Scholarship competition, its real value is as a diagnostic tool.  Take a practice ACT as well and compare scores.  While most students don’t have an advantage on one exam over the other, some […]

  • Road Map for October: Freshmen

    Now that you’ve had some time to settle into the new school year, keep an eye out for opportunities to expand and explore.  Check out some new activities that seem interesting and fun, like sports and clubs you didn’t have in middle school.   As you think about ways you might want to get involved, don’t worry […]