September 2017

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  • Road Map for September: Seniors

    Now that you’re getting back in your routine, it’s time to get your ducks in a row this fall for college applications.  There are a lot of tasks and deadlines to keep track of, so getting organized can help keep stress at a manageable level.  Consider creating a timeline, spreadsheet, calendar, or whatever method will […]

  • Road Map for September: Juniors

    I hope you’re off to a great start and have been working to lay the foundation for a successful year. This includes academics, which are central in college admissions, but it also includes the activities you’re involved in and the college search itself.  Whether you’ve been thinking about specific schools where you could see yourself […]

  • Road Map for September: Sophomores

    This year of high school can be a fun one; you’re past the new-kid phase of freshman year, but the pressures of college admission are not front and center yet.  Still, you may be taking more challenging classes than you did last year and teachers’ expectations are higher for you now.  As you develop your […]

  • Road Map for September: Freshmen

    Welcome to high school!  I’ll keep this short, because the most important thing to do right now is settle in to your classes and new routine and get to know your teachers.  You’ll have choices you didn’t have in middle school, so explore new sports, clubs and academic opportunities and build a foundation for a […]